Would all entrants and 30beats community members please note that Vantage has withdrawn his entry from 30beats and is no longer involved in the competition due to unforeseen personal circumstances. We’d like to extend our thanks to Vantage for submitting a superb piece of music and wish him all the very best of luck with his future music career.

The withdrawal of Vantage means that the competition has been blown wide open once again with only a few hours of voting remaining. Summon your friends, family, colleagues and even strangers to secure those all important final votes!

Best of luck,


Posted on 31st October, 2009

How come withdrawn on the last day of contest? If something happened in his personal matters his track still should win!!! There were people voting for it all along and I feel extremely disappointed now. Does it mean each day I was voting for vantage I was wasting my time? Could someone please explain this to me?

Posted on 2nd November, 2009

Hi Ann,

I’m afraid we can’t divulge the details but would suggest that you speak to Vantage direct. Needless to say that if an entrant withdraws from the competition, then ultimately they are unable to win it and claim the prize.

We will of course divulge Vantage’s final league position once the results have been announced to give him the credit he fully deserves.


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