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The brief that we heard about originally was for a sound edit but when Phil Tune our Director started speaking with the team at Brazen about the concept for the Hyundai microsite, he put forward the idea of creating a video to sit alongside the sound effects track. Together with film crew from Camera Crewing we worked to create a video to feature on the website and inspire people to compose their own track and enter the competition.

In terms of the shoot, Phil and Lyall our Producer both have masses of experience in doing really high end corporate video but also doing pop promos, often on a more er


Posted on 21st August, 2009

Hey guys, quick question:
For the i30 competition, how long should track length be, preferably? Will it be judged on its musical integrity, -or- on how well it fits a video/commercial for the car (hence your encouragement for visuals)?

I guess what I’m asking is.. will someone with no video but a solid track be given as much voting priority as someone with a video?

Thanks.. 🙂

Posted on 24th August, 2009

Hi there,
the public ultimately decide on the winner by voting so there’s no reason at all why a great track with limited or no video couldn’t win. To enter you’ll need to upload your entry to YouTube so you’ll need to at least put a title on.
Hope that helps.

Posted on 14th September, 2009

Hi Gene,

The emphasis is on the music rather than the visual. As you can see from some of our entries so far, some have simply inserted a collage of imagery or just a single picture which doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the production.

Hope that helps, can we expect an entry from your shortly?

Thomas Jones
Posted on 21st September, 2009


I uploaded my entry to Youtube on the weekend and filled in the competition entry form. I was just wondering if you received my entry and how long it will take to process? Thanks!

Posted on 22nd September, 2009

Its up there now Thomas – sorry for the delay! Thanks for the entry its sounds great.

Peter Mottram
Posted on 30th September, 2009


It’s a similar question to Thomas really – I just wanted to make sure you got my entry (I’ve uploaded to youtube and filled in the entry form), especially with it getting a bit close to deadline !



Posted on 30th September, 2009

Hi Peter, we have it yes! I am just processing, check out the site tomorrow, Regards Daisy

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