And the winner is…

We are proud to announce Nikky French as the outright leader of 30beats and winner of the Hyundai i30.

In a close competition which saw numerous contestants jostling for the top spot throughout the last month, Nikky made a final push in the closing hours and even persuaded his local radio station to campaign on his behalf to secure him first place at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, 31st October.

Drawing close to 13,300 votes collectively and enough chatter to write a short novel, the competition organisers would like to thank all the entrants for their participation and superb creativity. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to the 30beats community for making the contest what it is and supporting each and every contestant.

Please see the following link for the final league table –

Thank you one and all…


Posted on 4th November, 2009

Well-deserved congrats…

Posted on 7th November, 2009

Very proud of you Nikky.
The best of the lot and a
great bit of work.

Dad xxx

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